World class training arena and indoor shooting range

Scandinavia’s premiere arena for firearms and tactical training, shooting and competitions.

World class indoor shooting arena

If you are a professional, competitive or recreational shooter – Welcome to Varpsund Arena. A unique indoor shooting range for law enforcement and military, security professionals and practical shooters as well as training facility for organizations working in complex environments. A top modern facility with 1250m^2 of available training space and the latest digital technology. The result is a flexible, efficient and experience-based training and competition facility in accordance with international best-practice.

Achieve maximal practice efficiency and realism for qualified firearms and tactical training. Varpsund Arena offers a unique indoor shooting range with digital training simulators that can be tailored for realistic tactical scenario and decision training.

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Practical shooting

Unique experience and opportunities for practical shooting. Varpsund Arena offers a wide variety of challenging training and competition opportunities for practical shooting in a top modern indoor shooting facility.



A comprehensive training facility for individuals and organizations preparing to work in complex environments. Varpsund Arena is adapted and well suited for training courses such as travel safety (HEAT / Deployment Ready Training), personal security, close protection, threat- and conflict management as well as first aid and trauma medicine.

Varpsund Arena offers unique possibilities

  • Digital screen system and special effects
  • Tunnel, firing and repelling platform
  • Classroom and training facility
  • Changing rooms and kitchen
  • Spectator platform
  • Vehicle adapted
  • Practical shooting club (VADS) offering training courses

1 250 m²

total area

18 m

digital screen system

3-50 m

indoor shooting distance


indoor shooting direction


min from Stockholm


min from Arlanda Airport


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