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Scandinavia’s premiere facility for firearms and tactical training, practical shooting and competition. 45 minutes from Stockholm.

Indoor shooting range

For every scenario

Our main focus is law enforcement and military, security professionals and practical shooters, as well as IPSC- and shooting clubs. Whether it is firearm and tactical training or practical shooting, we can provide you with the perfect training conditions.

Achieve the maximum training-effect and realism for firearms and tactical training. Varpsund Arena offers an indoor shooting range with the latest digital technology for realistic training – all year around.

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Practical shooting

Unique experience and opportunities for practical shooting. Varpsund Arena offers a wide variety of challenging training and competition opportunities for practical shooting in a top modern indoor shooting facility.



A comprehensive training facility for individuals and organizations preparing to work in complex environments. Varpsund Arena is adapted and well suited for training courses such as travel safety (HEAT / Deployment Ready Training), personal security, close protection, threat- and conflict management as well as first aid and trauma medicine.