Firearms and tactical training

Achieve the maximum training effect and realism for firearms and tactical training. Varpsund Arena offers an indoor shooting range with the latest digital technology for realistic training – all year around.

Realistic tactical scenario and decision training

Varpsund Arena meets the Swedish authorities’ and security companies’ requirements for a modern shooting range with the capacity to face new requirements within decision support training, conflict management, firearms and tactical training.

Varpsund Arena enables training on the highest international level with live ammunition, equipment and vehicles.

Qualified firearms and tactical training

Together with experienced professional shooters and weapons instructors we have developed a comprehensive training facility that provides:

  • Modern, realistic and effective firearms and tactical training including competency-based examinations
  • Training complex scenarios, including mobile and reactive shooting
  • Extensive catalogue of training scenarios and targets
  • Blue/green screen for real-time exercises
  • Digital hit detection and evaluation support
  • Indoor and outdoor training facilities
  • Classroom, training facility and locker rooms
  • Full service incl. technical support
  • Firing and repelling platform as well as tunnel
  • High level of discretion